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Our Courses


The Technical Curriculum of SJAHI is designed by JAMA team to create a professionally trained Auto Technician with real practical work experience comparable to the standard of a 3rd grade Japanese Auto Technician.

All technical classes are conducted in English Language.

Technical Programs

1,895 Hour Course (Aprox.)

It comprises 71% of total study hours. The general objectives...

General Subjects Curriculum

125 Hours Course (Aprox.)

It comprises 4% of total study hours with following subjects...

Intensive English Language

812 Hours Course (Aprox.)

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at SJAHI seeks to help our students ..

Work Ethics Program

84 Hours Course (Aprox.)

The No. 1 priority of Saudi employers is to improve the work ethics...

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

384 Practice Hours (Aprox.)

SJAHI not only trains the students in classrooms and its...

Joint Coaching Program (JCP)

6 Practice Months

graduates are given a six month’s workshop integration...


Upon graduating, SJAHI students are awarded a high diploma in AutomobileTechnology and Maintenance, equivalent to 3rd grade Japanese Auto Technician and to the Diploma given by the technical colleges in the Kingdom.

Career path of a SJAHI graduate is as follows:

After his graduation from SJAHI, the student has valuable opportunities ahead according to the career path of the Company that he will work with. If he continues with the company, he may reach upto the highest position of the career path, Service General Manager.

Career Path

  1. Technician
  2. Pro-Technician
  3. Master Technician
  4. Chief Technician
  5. Service Advisor or Floor Manager
  6. Service Manager
  7. Area Service Manager
  8. General Manager – Service




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